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Battery pack removal and installation - ThinkPad T430u

Important notice for replacing a battery pack:

  • The Lenovo Solution Center program provides an automatic battery diagnostic test that determines if the battery pack is defective. A battery pack FRU should not be replaced unless this diagnostic test shows that the battery is defective.
  • The only exception to this is if the battery pack is physically damaged or a customer is reporting a possible safety issue.
  • If the Lenovo Solution Center program is not installed on the computer, the customer should download and install the program to diagnose the battery pack, before replacing a non-physically damaged battery pack. Note that a physically damaged battery pack is a not covered by the warranty.


danger.gif DANGER

Use only the authorized battery specified for your computer. Any other battery could ignite or explode.


Removal steps of battery pack - Please perform the following steps as shown in the pictures below.

Detach the battery pack connector [1], and then remove the screws that secure the battery pack [2].

Note: Be careful not to drop the battery during removal or replacement.

Screw (quantity)
[2] M2 × 5.0 mm, wafer-head, nylon-coated (5) Black 0.181 Nm(1.85 kgfcm)

Remove the battery pack by using the pull tab [3].


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