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      Troubleshooting memory issues - ThinkPad

      Some of these steps may not apply to your computer. Test the system memory after performing each step:
      Note: If you are receiving error codes during power-on self test (POST), numeric or Beep codes, please visit ThinkPad General POST Messages

      1. Verify that the latest BIOS for the ThinkPad system has been installed.
        1. Click here to view the latest BIOS files for all ThinkPad systems.
      2. Verify the proper memory module compatibility and installation.
        1. In general, ThinkPad systems have one memory socket available to install upgrade modules. It may be necessary to remove the standard memory module in order to upgrade to the maximum allowable memory. Removal of the keyboard may be required on some systems.
        2. Visit the memory compatibility document for ThinkPad systems and record the information about the maximum size, the speed, and the type of memory.
      3. Remove all of the memory modules.
        1. Compare the part number and other information collected in the steps above with the information listed on the label of each module. If the information does not match, then the module may not be supported on the system.  Also, review  How to determine if your computer can hold additional memory
        2. Re-insert the modules one at a time into a different slot than the slot they originally occupied. After inserting each module, check to ensure the memory detected matches the memory currently installed. If the memory does not match, then a module or slot may be defective.
        3. If you are testing a system, then open the Microsoft system properties or the BIOS setup utility to see the detected memory.

          To open the Microsoft system properties:

          1. Windows Vista/Windows 7:
            1. Click Start and then click Control Panel.
            2. Double-click System.
          2. Windows XP:
            1. Click Start and then click Control Panel.  
            2. Click Performance and Maintenance and then click System.

          To open the BIOS setup utility:

          1. Turn on your computer
          2. At the ThinkPad splash screen, press F1 for BIOS Setup Utility.  If a password prompt appears, type the correct password.  The BIOS Setup Utility menu will be displayed.
      4. Diagnostics:
        1. Visit the Lenovo Diagnostics Software page
        2. Download and install Lenovo Solution Center and test your memory
          1. You can also use the Lenovo Memory Quick Test
        3. If you would like to test your memory outside of Windows, please download and burn Lenovo Bootable Diagnostics (Bootable CD)
      Need more help?

      Please select one of the following options for further assistance:

      Check warranty status and upgrade
      Get help at Lenovo Forum New!
      Contact your local technical Support Center



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