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      How to diagnose USB devices


      This article is about diagnosing USB devices.



      The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

      All Idea Laptops






      Some USB devices are not APM/ACPI friendly and may not operate properly after resuming from Standby or Hibernation. Some of these steps may not apply to your computer. Test the attached USB device after performing each step.


      1. Verify that a USB port and an operating system with USB support are being used to attach a USB interface external device to a notebook.

        Note: The following is an example image of a notebook USB port.




      2. Verify that the latest BIOS and embedded controller for the notebook has been installed.

              Go toLenovo official driver download site to view the latest BIOS files for your notebooks.

      3. Verify that USB is enabled in BIOS.

      4. Verify that the USB device and any required drivers were installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

          This may require removing the USB device and the drivers, and then reinstalling the USB device and the latest drivers.

      5. Verify the USB device works on another machine, if available.

      6. Verify another USB device, if available, works on this machine.

      7. Verify that the latest Microsoft Windows Service Pack has been installed for the operating system installed on the computer.



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