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      Troubleshooting Bluetooth issues - Value Line notebooks

      What is bluetooth?

      Some of these steps may not apply to your system or devices. Test the device(s) after performing each step.
      1. Verify that the Bluetooth device is being seen by the operating system.
        Check Microsoft Windows Device Manager and look for an icon pertaining to your device and verify that the device is present.

        1. Right-click the My Computer icon and select Properties.
        2. Click the Hardware tab and press the Device Manager button. The Bluetooth device should appear under Network Adapters.
          Note: If the device has a exclamation mark over a yellow background, then this is an indication that the device is experiencing a problem. Go to Driver download step 7.
      2. Verify that the latest BIOS and embedded controller for the Value Line notebook has been installed.

        Click here to view the latest BIOS files for all Value Line notebooks

      3. Verify that both Bluetooth profiles match one another.
        For the Bluetooth devices to communicate, they must share the same profile. Consult your Bluetooth device manual to find the profile required for the devices to communicate.
      4. Verify that the Bluetooth devices are switched on.
        In order for the Bluetooth devices to communicate, both of the devices must have Bluetooth functionality turned on.

      5. Verify that both Bluetooth devices are paired.
        For security reasons, both Bluetooth devices need to be paired before they can transfer data. After the devices are paired, encrypted data can be sent through the Bluetooth connection. Once the paired Bluetooth network is encrypted, only Bluetooth devices that have authorization will be able to communicate with one another.

        Consult your Bluetooth device manual to find the appropriate pairing information.

      6. Verify that the most recent Bluetooth driver is installed.
        Follow the installation instructions provided with the driver for proper functionality.
        • Check the Web site, for the latest driver and/or firmware updates.
        • If you are using a Bluetooth device from a different manufacturer, please check the device's documentation for the proper Web site to visit.
      7. If these steps have not solved your problem:
      What is Bluetooth?
      Bluetooth is a low-range network used for linking personal unwired devices like cell phones, PDAs, and other platforms. Bluetooth provides a peer-to-peer network of devices called wireless personal area network (WPAN) as opposed to wireless local area network (WLAN) technologies like 802.11 which are focused on connecting a device to a traditional network. Additionally, it is optimized for low power consumption and shorter ranges than wireless LANs, and is geared more for mobile personal devices. The average range of a Bluetooth network is around 30 feet with a data transfer rate of 1Mbps, which is three to eight times the average speed of parallel and serial ports.

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