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      A "PowerDVD Not Installed” message may appear incorrectly - ThinkCentre, ThinkStation and ThinkPad


      When inserting a DVD for the first time during a boot session, PowerDVD may not launch the disc.  After a few minutes, a message may appear stating "The desktop version of PowerDVD is not installed".  In some cases, the disc will launch a few minutes after the message appears.  The next attempt will be successful.

      Affected configurations

      The above symptom is associated with the following systems:

      • ThinkCentre
      • ThinkStation
      • ThinkPad

      System is configured with:

      • Microsoft Windows 8
      • PowerDVD

      Operating Systems:

      • Microsoft Windows 8



      The user should attempt to start the DVD again by either ejecting and re-inserting or by pressing the "Play Disc" button in the User Interface.

      Additional Information

      The architecture of Microsoft Windows 8 prevents Metro applications from directly accessing DVD's.  Metro PowerDVD disc input and output is done by a desktop proxy.  This message occurs when the Metro part of PowerDVD does not get a communication from the desktop part that the disc has successfully started within a certain period.

      The communication failure can occur in one of three situations below:

      • The user tries to start PowerDVD less than 45 seconds after the system booted.  The PowerDVD driver takes about 40 seconds after booting to become ready.  In this case, failure will occur without launching the disc.  Since it takes over a minute from user launch to post the message, attempting again will be successful.
      • Some systems take several minutes to settle the hard disc activity after booting.  Prior to settling, the disc communication is blocked.  Since PowerDVD cannot get back a timely response from the disc, it mistakenly assumes the disc cannot launch.  In this case, PowerDVD will actually launch disc playback some time after the message appears.
      • An unknown condition causes this message to appear about one out of fifty times when PowerDVD is used the very first time.  In this case, attempting again will be successful.


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