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      Dolby button is not working in IdeaPad Y450, Y550, Y650


      After clean or upgrade installation of Windows 7, installation of all drivers (including Dolby, EM and Audio drivers). Dolby Button is not working.


      The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

      IdeaPad Y450, Y550, Y650


      This happens because for some reason audio driver is not automatically installing DCC (Dolby Control Center). Here are steps to overcome this issue:

      1. Please be sure that Energy Management software is already installed.
      2. Download and install the Realtek High Definition Audio Driver.
      3. Perform a reboot.
      4. Go to C:\DRIVERS\Realtek High Definition Audio Driver\DCC and install matching version for your system (x86 for 32-bit version, x64 for 64-bit version of OS).
      5. Perform a reboot.
      6. Download and install Dolby Control Center.
      7. Launch explorer.exe with elevated privileges, in opened window navigate to C:\DRIVERS\Dolby and launch Dolby for 32_64.reg.
      8. Perform a reboot.


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