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      User handling tips for hard drives - ThinkPad


      You can extend the life of your hard drive and avoid data loss by handling your drive carefully. Failure analysis done by Lenovo has shown that many hard drives are being unintentionally damaged by their owners due to mishandling. If the system is jarred or moved (for example placed into a carrying case) while the hard drive is still spinning, the drive can be damaged, resulting in lost data or total drive failure.

      Affected configurations

      ALL mobile computers are sensitive to handling damage.


      To avoid damaging the hard drive, you should:

      • Avoid jarring the system while the hard drive is operating
      • Suspend, hibernate, or shut down the computer completely before moving it, and
      • Wait 30 seconds after initiating suspend, hibernation, or shutdown before moving the system so the hard drive can stop

      While these handling tips are not a substitute for properly backing up your data, they will help extend the life of your hard drive and avoid unnecessary data loss.


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