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      Component locations - ThinkCentre M90z

      The picture below shows the locations of the various components in your computer. To remove the computer cover and access the inside of the computer, see Removing the computer cover.

      Component locations

      1 Frame stand
      2 Wall mount cover
      3 Fan duct
      4 Heat sink
      5 Memory modules (2)
      6 WI-FI card*
      7 Microprocessor fan
      8 Battery
      9 ExpressCard*
      10 Rear I/O assembly
      11 Internal speaker
      12 Bluetooth module*
      13 System fan
      14 Rear I/O assembly cover

      15 Internal speaker
      16 Frame foot
      17 Hard disk drive
      18 Right I/O assembly
      19 Card reader*
      20 Optical drive bay
      21 Inverter
      22 Computer main bracket
      23 Optical drive*
      24 Power supply
      25 Integrated camera with microphone*
      26 Ambient light sensor*
      27 Multi-touch board*
      28 Wall mount

      1. * denotes optional parts, which are available in some models.
      2. Your computer might come with a frame stand or a lift stand.
      For more information about the lift stand, see Removing or reinstalling the lift stand.




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