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      Mini PCI installation movie - ThinkPad T60, T60p

      Retour Mini PCI installation movie - ThinkPad T60, T60p - vidéo

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      Note: Please read the document Installing the palm rest, important additional information before you begin.

      Mini PCI card removal movie

      Text of the audio portion of this movie
      1. To install the Mini PCI Express wireless WAN card:
        1. Insert the card at an angle, and seat it on the connector.
        2. Rotate the card down and secure it with the two screws.
        3. Connect the auxiliary and main antenna cables.
          Use the Same Procedure to install the Mini PCI Express wireless LAN card.
      2. Install the keyboard:
        1. Position the keyboard over the system.
        2. Connect the cable to the system board.
        3. Seat the keyboard in the bezel.
        4. Close the cover and turn the system over.
        5. Secure with the single screw.
        6. Turn the system over
      3. Install the palm rest:
        1. Position the palm rest over the base and connect the finger print reader UltraNav pad cable.
        2. Align the palm rest with the base and press down to seat the latching tabs.
        3. Turn the system over.
        4. Secure with the four screws on the bottom.
      4. Install the battery pack:
        1. Position the battery pack into the machine using the side rails as a guide.
        2. Push in the battery pack until it is secured by the latch.
        3. Slide the latch to the lock position.
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