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      Troubleshooting shutdown issues - Desktops

      To troubleshoot shutdown issues, follow these steps and test after performing each one:

      Note: Ensure that you obtain the most current drivers for your system.

      1. Ensure that the latest BIOS code is installed.
      2. Ensure that all service packs, all available hot fixes, updates and patches for the operating system and any network applications have been applied. The stand along tool "System Update" can also be used.  Obtain these from the software product vendor.
      3. Temporarily remove startup items from the Startup Groups.
      • For Microsoft Windows Products, you can use the MSCONFIG command to perform software problem determination:
      • To remove items from Startup in Windows 98
      1. Click Start, select Run, then type MSCONFIG, then click OK.
      2. Click Startup then uncheck any software that should not start when the operating system starts up.
      • To remove items from Startup using MSCONFIG and conflicts with the System Information Tool.
      1. The System Information tool can aid in gathering hardware and software conflicts. Click Start, select Programs, select Accessories, then click System Information.
      2. Run the MSCONFIG program to temporarily remove programs from the startup group.
        a.Click Start, select Run, type MSCONFIG, then click OK.
        b.Click Startup, then uncheck any software that should not start when the operating system starts up.
      3. Remove any external and internal devices. Some adapters and peripherals can interfere with shutdown because they have not been stopped or remain active by design. For example, if the system shuts down then restarts, there is an external card keeping the system power on. A device on the serial port can also exhibit this symptom if wake on ring is enabled.
      4. Boot to the operating system Safe Mode and see if the shutdown problem continues.
        a. Press F8 when the Windows logo appears on the screen to bring up the boot menu.
        b. Select the option to start Windows in safe mode.
      5. If these steps have not solved your problem:
      Browse for Power management tips for your system.
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