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      Bluetooth icon missing from system tray or notification area in Windows 7 - idea laptops/desktops


      Bluetooth icon is not displayed in system tray or notification area in Windows 7. It might be mistakenly deleted and can be retrieved by the following steps.

      Affected Brands:

      • All Idea Laptops
      • All Idea Desktops

      Applied OS:

      • Windows 7


      1. Click “Start” button, and then select “Devices and Printers.

      2. Right-click the device icon of your computer name and select “Bluetooth Device”. In this article, the computer name is “123-PC”.

      3. In “Bluetooth Settings” window, check “Show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area”, and then click “OK”.

      4. If the Bluetooth icon still not show up, please reinstall Bluetooth driver.

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