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      Lenovo OneKey Recovery 7.0 – Creating Recovery Disks


      Using Lenovo OneKey Recovery 7.0 to create recovery disks with existing backup image file. Please make sure to follow through the procedure described in Lenovo OneKey Recovery 7.0 – System Backup trying to create the recovery disks. The backup step is required before any recovery media can be created.

      Affected brands

      Lenovo notebooks

      Applied OS

      • Windows 7

      System is configured with

      • Lenovo OneKey Recovery 7.0


      1. Start Lenovo OneKey Recovery by clicking the icon on the desktop or through the Windows Start Menu. Or press Novo button.


      2. Choose "Create Recovery Disk". Select "Recovery disk with existing backup image".



      3. Continue with default settings.



      Prepare the indicated amount of DVDs or CDs.


      Please be patient. Duration of this process depends on size of the backup file and speed of your optical disk drive. It is not recommended to use the computer for other tasks during the backup.

      4. Follow the process and insert new, empty disks as required. Please note that the amount of disks required depends on the backup image file size.



      To give you a more clear illustration, we present a video on this topic, click here to learn more. After from creating recovery disc, you can also use Lenovo Onekey recovery 7.0 to create factory default recovery discs, click here to learn more.


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