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      Power-on or Hard Drive Fingerprint passwords not accepted using External Lenovo Fingerprint USB Keyboard - ThinkPad T420, T420i, T420s, T520, W520, X220, X220 Tablet


      Users are unable to use some versions of the External Lenovo Fingerprint USB Keyboard to successfully authenticate Power-on or Hard Drive passwords. When the fingerprint is swiped, the entry is validated, but then rejected as incorrect. Both Power-on or Hard Drive password are impacted by & passwords are required to allow the user access to the system.

      Enrollment and using the device for Windows-based passwords is not impacted, nor is using the integrated fingerprint reader.

      To know whether your USB fingerprint keyboard will work or not, refer to the label on the bottom of the external keyboard. Those keyboards with "Fru P/N" and/or "P/N" such as 57Y4780, 41R008, and 89P9000 will experience the issue with the affected systems.

      Those keyboards with "Fru P/N" and "P/N" starting with 03X, such as 03X8001, will not experience this issue.


      Affected configurations

      All of the following ThinkPad systems with versions of the External Lenovo Fingerprint USB Keyboard sold by Lenovo, produced before February, 2011:

      • T420, T420i, T420s, T520
      • W520
      • X220, X220 Tablet

      See below for detailed part number list by language.

      Language Older FRU doesn't work
      US English 57Y4780 03X8001
      Arabic 57Y4781 03X8002
      Arabic/French 57Y4782 03X8003
      Belgium/French 57Y4783 03X8004
      Belgium/UK 57Y4784 03X8005
      Brazil/Portuguese 57Y4785 03X8006
      Bulgarian 57Y4786 03X8007
      Chinese/USTaiwanese 57Y4787 03X8008
      Czech (QWERTY or ABB) 57Y4788 03X8009
      Danish 57Y4789 03X8010
      Dutch 57Y4790 03X8011
      French 57Y4791 03X8012
      French Canadian 57Y4792 03X8013
      French Canadian 57Y4793 03X8014
      German 57Y4794 03X8015
      Greek/Greece, Cyprus 57Y4795 03X8016
      Greek/US 57Y4796 03X8017
      Hebrew 57Y4797 03X8018
      Hungarian 57Y4798 03X8019
      Iceland 57Y4799 03X8020
      Italy 57Y4800 03X8021
      Japanese 57Y4801 03X8022
      Korean 57Y4802 03X8023
      LA Spanish 57Y4803 03X8024
      Norwegian 57Y4804 03X8025
      Polish 57Y4805 03X8026
      Portugese 57Y4806 03X8027
      Russian/Cy US 57Y4809 03X8028
      Slovak 57Y4811 03X8029
      Spanish 57Y4812 03X8030
      Swedicsh/Finn 57Y4813 03X8031
      Swiss, F/G 57Y4814 03X8032
      Thailand 57Y4815 03X8033
      Turkish 57Y4817 03X8034
      UK English 57Y4818 03X8035
      Us Euro (International) 57Y4819 03X8036
      Slovenian 57Y4820 03X8037
      Estonia 57Y4808 03X8038
      Romanian 57Y4807 03X8039
      Serbian/Cyrilic 57Y4810 03X8040
      Turkish 57Y4816 03X8041

      Stand-alone external fingerprint readers, including those sold under the IBM brand prior to 2008 may also be impacted.



      A BIOS update is being prepared for this problem and this tip will be updated when it is available, targeted for Fall of 2011.



      Authenticate using passwords rather fingerprints, or use the fingerprint reader integrated in the ThinkPad system unit (if configured).


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