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      Error message can appear if WinDVD is started too soon after bootup.


      A popup message may occur if WinDVD 10 is started too soon after the user logs in from the system boot.

      Affected configurations

      The above symptom is associated with, but not limited to, the following systems:

      • ThinkStation D20, S20.
      • ThinkCentre A63, A85, M70z, M71e, M80, M81, M90, M90p, M90z, M91, M91p, Edge 71, Edge 71z.
      • ThinkPad T520, T420, T420s, X220, X220t, L421, W520, E420, E520, 420s, E325.

      Applies to::

      • Microsoft Windows 7
      • Microsoft Windows Vista

      The system is configured with WinDVD 10.

      Additional Information:

      Non-essential system services in Lenovo 2011 systems are set to startup type 'Automatic-Delayed Start'. This feature of Windows waits two minutes after the user logs in to start services. WinDVD relies on the service 'Protexis Licensing V2' to run. Since this service is unavailable during the first two minutes of runtime, WinDVD will not start at that time.

      If the user waits and tries again , WinDVD will start.


      This behavior is normal. Do not replace any hardware.


      Users willing to sacrifice about five more seconds at each boot to gain immediate access to WinDVD after login can perform the following procedure.

      1. Open an Administrator Command Line window
      2. Execute the command "sc config PSI_SVC_2 start= auto"


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