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How to create recovery media using ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery

Before downgrading to Microsoft Windows XP, you will need to create a set of recovery discs for the preloaded version of Microsoft Windows Vista installed on your system. Please be aware that restoring your system using the Windows XP recovery discs will reformat the hard drive, remove existing disk partitions, and erase any user data, settings, and applications. It is very important that you create recovery discs of Windows Vista prior to downgrading to Windows XP so you have the ability to upgrade to Windows Vista at a later time if you choose.

Creating recovery discs using ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery
Use the following steps to create recovery discs for the preloaded version of Windows Vista installed on your system:
Note: You will need 1 CD and 1 DVD or 8 CD's to complete this process.
  1. Click Start, select All Programs, select ThinkVantage, then click Create Rescue and Recovery Media.
  2. Select Create a set of Product Recovery discs now.

    Create Rescue and Recovery Media

  3. Verify the correct recordable drive is selected and click OK.

    Create recovery discs

  4. To verify the recovery discs were created successfully, repeat step one and verify the following text appears in the Recovery Discs section:
    You have already created a set of Product Recovery discs. The Microsoft(R) license for your operating system permits you to create one set of Product Recovery discs. If your Product Recovery discs have been lost, stolen or damaged, contact your local Support Center for assistance.
    Note: A nominal charge maybe incurred for the recovery media.

    Recovery discs already created
    Note: You can only make one set of recovery discs per system.

Once the Windows Vista recovery discs have been created, you may then continue downgrading to Windows XP.

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