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      March 2001 - Recall of speaker AC adapters - Aptiva / NetVista / PC300

      IBM is voluntarily recalling certain AC adapters used to power the speakers that were shipped with some models of PC300, Aptiva, and NetVista Personal Computers between July 1998 and March 2001.

      The AC adapter is a small, rectangular, black, plastic box that plugs into the mains socket. This device has a thin black wire that connects to one of the speakers. The adapter electronics are housed in a two piece plastic enclosure. On some samples, these two halves are not adequately fastened together and may come apart which could expose the customer to a potential shock hazard. As a result IBM is recalling approximately 100,000 AC adapters in the affected areas. It is suspected, but not confirmed, that this is a quality issue limited to specific production periods. IBM continues to investigate this issue and, as a result, may reduce the size and scope of this recall. We will update this Web site as needed.

      In the United Kingdom, IBM has notified DTi and Trading Standards Offices regarding this recall as well as advertising the recall information in selected United Kingdom national press. In other countries, IBM is contacting the appropriate local standards authorities.

      Handling may cause the adapter to separate, use caution when handling or unplugging.
      Read this entire document before taking any action.

      How to determine if the AC adapter is affected

      The affected AC adapter Part number is A40910B. The location of this Part number is shown in a yellow rectangle on the following graphic. The adapter Part number A40910B may show two different Model numbers. The known affected adapter Model numbers are 10K2588 and 20L2172. The location of the adapter Model number is circled in red. If the AC adapter shows Part Number A40910B, then it is an affected AC adapter. If the AC adapter shows Model number 10K2588 or 20L2172, then it is an affected AC adapter.

      The list of known Personal Computers that shipped with the affected AC adapter include the following IBM Machine Types:

      • Machine Types 2139, 2153, 2158, 2163, 2164, 2169, 2171, 2172, 2173, 2174, 2178, 2194, 2198, 2251, 2271
      • Machine Types 6266, 6269, 6270, 6276, 6568, 6569, 6642, 6830, 6831, 6832, 6833, 6838, 6840, 6841, 6848

      On the Personal Computer is a four digit Machine Type number followed by a three digit Model number. This information is printed on the information label located either on the back or bottom of the Personal Computer. In addition, the Machine Type number is also located on a small label located near the front of the Personal Computer.

      What to do if an AC adapter is one of those affected by this recall

      If the AC adapter is plugged into a 4 or 6 way gang plug or Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) that is equipped with a power switch, then turn the power to the adapter OFF.

      If the AC adapter is plugged directly into a mains wall socket, then locate the circuit breaker supplying power to this socket and turn the mains breaker/switch OFF.

      Before removing the AC speaker adapter from the socket, verify that power to this socket has been turned off.

      Once it has been determined that power has been removed from the AC adapter then unplug the adapter from the socket.
      Complete the procedure by disconnecting the detachable cord that plugs into the back of the speaker. Your Personal Computer will continue to operate but without sound.

      Getting a replacement AC adapter

      If the AC adapter is one of those affected by this recall, IBM will replace the AC adapter free of charge. IBM also requests that if the AC adapter is one of those affected by this recall, customers immediately discontinue use of this adapter.

      To order the replacement AC adapter from IBM, customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland can either order by e-mail or telephone.
      To order by e-mail, click here.
      To order by telephone, call 01475 555055.

      Customers in Singapore should click here for further information.

      Other customers can contact their nearest IBM Support Center. Click here for a list of IBM Support Center telephone numbers.
      Please allow 28 days for delivery of a replacement adapter.

      The replacement AC adapter package will include a postage-paid shipping label for the return of the original AC adapter to IBM.

      IBM wants the old AC adapter returned so it can be destroyed and disposed of properly. Here is what to do:

      1. Take the new AC adapter out of the shipping package.
      2. Connect the adapter cord to the speaker and plug the AC adapter into the mains socket.
      3. Place the old AC adapter into the shipping package and affix the postage-paid shipping label so the original address information is covered up.
      4. Mail the package back to IBM.


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