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      AC Adaptor Recall for ThinkVision Soundbar for United States, Canada, and EU


      Lenovo is voluntarily replacing approximately 500 AC Adaptors that have shipped with the ThinkVision Soundbar. These AC Adaptors were shipped between October 2008 and January 2009. All of the affected AC Adaptors have a date code of 200810 in the lower right corner of the label. Lenovo has determined that the plastic around the AC Adaptor may crack over time, posing a shock hazard.

      How to determine if your AC Adaptor is affected

      Affected AC Adaptors were shipped with the ThinkVision Soundbar option between October 2008 and January 2009. To help aid in the identification of the ThinkVision Soundbar option, below you will find a picture of the Soundbar. Note, the speaker assembly shown will be replaced in to expedite availability of replacement parts.


      A table of the affected AC Adaptors is provided below. The identification information is highlight in the picture of the affected parts in the right column of the table below.

      Picture of entire AC Adaptor:


      Details for each affected AC Adaptor:

      Country P/N on Original Packaging Adaptor FRU Adaptor Label with Affected FRU P/N and Datecode Circled

      United States






      European Union

      (except UK)






      What to do

      If you determine that you have an affected AC Adaptor, Lenovo recommends that you immediately unplug the adaptor from the wall. Details to determine if you have an affected Adaptor can be found in the section above.

      Please note, the ThinkVision USB Soundbar which has a single USB connector, is not affected by this replacement program as it does not have an AC Adaptor.

      Lenovo has sent replacement Soundbar Options to known affected customers in the United States, Canada, and the EU. If you have received a replacement from Lenovo, please remove the adaptor from the wall and replace it with the new Soundbar option.

      If you have not received a replacement Soundbar option from Lenovo, please contact the Lenovo Support Center. A list of phone numbers may be found at www.lenovo.com/thinkpad/wwphonelist. Advise the support representative you are calling in reference to document SF09-D0028. The support representative will gather the required information so we can send replacement parts with directions for returning the affected parts.

      Should you have any further questions, please contact the Lenovo Support Center.


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