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      March 2000 - Recall of AC adapters for certain ThinkPad i Series, 310 notebooks, and WorkPad z50s

      IBM is voluntarily recalling AC adapters that can be used only on certain older IBM ThinkPad 310 systems (type 2600 only) and IBM ThinkPad i Series systems (type 2611 only) notebook computers, and IBM WorkPad z50 systems (type 2608 only) companion devices, which are no longer in production.

      Some of these adapters have exhibited signs of overheating and may pose a fire hazard. As a result, 320,000 AC adapters will be recalled around the world (these AC adapter field replacement unit (FRU) were not marketed in Japan), of those 220,000 are in the United States. IBM voluntarily reported this information to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and is working with the CPSC on the recall. There have been no reports of injuries associated with these AC adapters.

      How to determine if your AC adapter is affected
      First, look on the bottom of your computer at the information next to the bar code label. There will be a 4 digit TYPE number followed by a three digit MODEL number. Next to this will be a seven digit serial number (S/N). If you do not have one of the following computers and TYPE numbers, this recall program does not apply to you:
      • IBM ThinkPad 310 (type 2600 only)
      • IBM ThinkPad i Series (type 2611 only)
      • IBM WorkPad z50 (type 2608 only) companion device
      Next, locate the AC adapter used to power your machine. The AC adapter is a small rectangular black plastic box. On one end, there is a permanently attached wire that connects to the computer through a round connector, and on the other end, there is a detachable cord that will plug into an AC outlet.

      This AC adapter will fit only the ThinkPad and WorkPad devices listed above and will not fit other models. It is approximately 2.5 x 4.25 x 1.25 inches in dimension. The label will contain one of the following FRU numbers: 12J0537, 12J0539, 02K6562. The graphic below shows the location of the FRU number on the AC adapter:

      ac adapter fru location

      What to do
      If your AC adapter is one of those affected by this recall, IBM will replace the AC adapter, free of charge. IBM also requests that you do not leave your current AC adapter plugged into any AC power outlet while unattended.

      When you receive your replacement AC adapter, a postage-paid box will be provided so that you can return the original AC adapter to IBM.

      To order your replacement AC adapter from IBM, customers can contact their nearest IBM Support Center.

      We want the old AC adapter back so it can be destroyed and disposed of properly. Here is all you have to do:
      1. Take your new AC adapter out of the shipping box.
      2. Remove the AC power cord from your old AC adapter.
      3. Connect the AC power cord to your new AC adapter and you are good to go again.
      4. Place the old AC adapter into the shipping box.


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