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      Solution for Fan Speed Optimization - All ThinkPad


      Fan runs at higher than expected speed, or cycles on and off more frequently than expected.

      Affected configurations
      • All ThinkPad

      The cooling fan is controlled by the embedded controller code in the power manager software.  Lenovo provides periodic updates to the embedded controller code through BIOS update packages (BIOS and EC are updated at the same time via BIOS update packages).  

      Optimization of fan speed operation is handled through power manager.  Download and install the latest BIOS and power manager versions for your system from the Lenovo support site.  You can then optimize fan setting for operation on battery or AC within power manager.   

      Note: maximum performance setting for fan and CPU will cause the fan to run at higher speeds.  Balanced setting selection provides an optimal mix of performance while maintaining more quiet fan operation.


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