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      Introduction to Energy Management 8.0 user interface

      Statement description

      From this article you can learn Energy Management 8.0 user interface. If the energy management version running on your machine is 6.0, you may need to check "An introduction to Lenovo Energy Management 6.0"


      Affected configurations

      All IdeaPad with Energy Management 8.0



      Desktop user interface:

       In the taskbar, click the Energy Management 8.0 icon to open it.

      *This figure is a schematic. See the real user interface in the software. *

      Energy Management 8.0

      Power Plan (A):

      • Power Saver: Click to select this plan. Your computer has the best power saving ability and the lowest performance in this plan.
      • Balanced: Click to select this plan. Your computer keeps a balance between performance and energy consumption.
      • High Performance: Click to select this plan. Your computer is in the best performance status in this plan.
      • Lenovo Dynamic Graphics: Click to select this plan. Your computer is in the super performance status in this plan. (The option is hidden automatically when the computer model does not support this function.)

              Note: The Lenovo Dynamic Graphics plan is unavailable when the computer is running on battery power.

        Battery (B):

      • Battery Mode (B-1):  By using the battery maintenance function, it is possible to extend the battery lifespan. Before you use this function, read the precaution. Energy Management 8.0 can automatically track your habit of battery use, and then provide suggestions on selecting a battery maintenance mode for extending the battery lifespan. Two battery modes are provided: Maximum Battery Life and Optimized Battery Health.
      • Maximum Battery Life: In this mode, the battery has the most powerful charging capacity. Note that this mode cannot optimize the battery circle lifespan.
      • Optimized Battery Health: In this mode, the battery limits charging to 60% of its full capacity. This can reduce the battery degradation and extend the battery lifespan.
      • Battery Gauge Reset (B-2): 

                After the battery has been used awhile, the percentage shown in the battery meter might be less accurate. To solve this problem, Lenovo provides the battery gauge reset function. The calibration process will perform:
            1. Full charge
            2. Full discharge
               This process will last a couple of hours. During this period, do not pull out the power and battery, and do not use your computer. Before you start the calibration process, do the following:
                 1. Close all running applications.
                 2. Plug in the power adapter.
           Note: During the calibration process, if your computer enters the Hibernate, Sleep, or Shut down status, the calibration process stops.

      • Battery Information (B-3): 

                 In the battery information interface, you can check the current battery details, such as charging status and health status. When more than one battery is available, you can separately check the details from #1 and #2.
      Note: The battery capacity will gradually decrease after charging/discharging cycles and the battery runtime will decrease normally. The battery is under normal aging scope if the health status shows good and it is no need for the replacement.

        Dust Removal (C):
             Dust Removal: Combining software and hardware, this function enables the fan to remove dust from the CPU heat sink. (The Start button of the dust removal pane is unavailable if the computer model cannot support this function.)

        Intelligent Power Saver (D):

      • Hard Disk Driver Power Saver: With the intelligent power saver, your computer can save more power which is consumed by the hard disk. This feature is enabled by default and available only when the power plan is set to Balanced and the computer is operating on battery power.
      • Brightness Power Saver:

               Auto Screen Brightness: The Lenovo computer can adjust the screen brightness automatically based on ambient light conditions.
               Refresh Rate: This function enables you to lower the screen refresh rate in order to save power.

       CD-ROM Power Paver: This function is supported by certain Lenovo computer models, and cannot be configured in the user interface. It is activated automatically when the built-in CD-ROM is idle for 3 minutes under the power plan. To end the CD-ROM power saver and reactivate the CD-ROM, double-click the CD-ROM icon in the "My Computer" window or press the CD-ROM button directly.

        CPU Power Saver: This function is supported by certain Lenovo computer models, and cannot be configured in the user interface. It is enabled when the power plan is set to Balanced and the computer is operating on battery power.    When it is enabled, the system increases or decreases the CPU frequency automatically according to the user’s current work status. This process can save power and prolong battery life without affecting the system performance.

         Note: The unsupported function is hidden automatically. If the intelligent power saver is not supported by the computer, the intelligent power saver pane is hidden.



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