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      How to extend your battery life - Value Line notebooks

      This document has the following sections:

      Supported systems
      Extending the battery life
      Power saving modes
      Additional information

      Supported systems
      • C100
      • C200
      • N100
      • N200
      • N500
      • V100
      • V200
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      Extending the battery life

      When you need to use your system away from electrical outlets, you depend on battery power to keep your system running. Different system components consume power at different rates. The more you use the power-intensive components, the faster you consume battery power.

      To display Power Status on the task tray, do the following:

      1. Click Start.
      2. Click Control Panel and click Performance and maintenance.
      3. Click Power options. Power options properties window opens, and click the Advanced tab.
      4. Select the checkbox for "Always show icon on the taskbar".
      5. Click OK or Apply.

      The rate at which you use battery power will determine how long you can use the battery of your system between charges. Because each system user has different habits and needs, it is difficult to predict how long a battery charge will last. There are two main factors:

      • How much energy is stored in the battery when you begin to work.
      • The way you use your system: how often you access the hard drive, how bright you make the system display.

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      Power saving modes
      Power saving modes are recommended when the system is not in use. These modes can be used at anytime to conserve power without exiting applications or saving files prior to use. The system has three power management modes:
      Screen blankLCD backlight turns off when the time set on the “Turn off monitor” timer in the operating system expires.
      StandbyAll tasks are stopped and stored in memory. All devices except memory are turned off.
      HibernationAll tasks are stopped and memory data and current status of the system are stored on the Hard drive, then the power is turned off.

      To use Screen blank, Standby or Hibernation mode, do either of following.
      Screen blankPress the ThinkVantage button and use the ThinkVantage Productivity Center. To end screen blank mode and resume normal operation, press any key.
      StandbyPress the keyboard function key combination Fn + F4, the system display and the hard drive are turned off.. To return from standby mode, press the Fn key.
      HibernationPress the keyboard function key combination Fn + F12, To resume your session, press the power button for no more than 4 seconds.
      Note: If you put your system into hibernation mode, and the wakeup function is disabled (this is the default setting), the system does not consume any power. If the wakeup function is enabled, it consumes small amount of power. To enable the function, do as follows:
      1. Click Start -> Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance.
      2. Click Scheduled Tasks. The scheduled tasks are displayed.
      3. Right-click on a scheduled task.
      4. Click Properties.
      5. Click the Settings tab.
      6. Under Power Management, select the checkbox for Wake the computer to run this task.
      Note: While you are not using the Wireless feature or Bluetooth features, select the Off position of the Wireless Radio Switch on the system.

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      Additional information
      Use the following links for troubleshooting information:
      Troubleshooting battery issues


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