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No video output from the Display Port to DVI Dongle - ThinkCentre M58, M58p


Customer has attached a DVI dongle to the display port, and has no video output.

Affected configurations

The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

  • ThinkCentre M58 (type 8910, 7174, 7354, 7360, 6258, 9960, 7244, 7355, 6239, 7373)
  • ThinkCentre M58p (7346, 9964, 7357, 7483, 6137, 7220, 6234, 9965, 7347, 7358, 7484, 6138, 7188, 6209)

Applies to:

Microsoft Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows XP Professional

The system's video has the DVI dongle connected to the display port.

The System's Bios is 5CKT33A or less.


Download and update the system Bios to 5CKT34A. The system Bios can be obtained from the Lenovo Support web site.

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  • Last Updated :17 Jun 2014
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