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      ThinkServer EasyStartup 1.0 for ThinkServer RD120 and TD100/TD100X

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      Sistema Operacional
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      SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 sp3 32-bit
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      Linux (Red Hat / SUSE)
      Version 1.0
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      Windows Server 2008
      The ThinkServer(TM) EasyStartup(TM) program guides you through the steps to create a response file and perform unattended installations of supported Microsoft® Windows® operating systems and associated device drivers.
      Additional information
      ThinkServer EasyStartup 1.0

      EasyStartup 1.0 supports the following operating systems:

      • Microsoft Windows 2003
      • Microsoft Windows 2003 x64
      • Microsoft Windows 2008
      • Microsoft Windows 2008 x64

      Support for the following servers:

      • ThinkServer RD120
      • ThinkServer TD100
      • ThinkServer TD100x

      Technical Tip

      If you would like to install Windows 2008 SBS operating systems on one of the following systems:

      • ThinkServer TD100/TD100x
      • ThinkServer RD120

      Follow the steps below:

      1. Boot and install with the Operating System DVD
      2. Go out to the Lenovo Support website and download and install the device drivers from there.

      For manual installation of Microsoft Windows Server 2008, please click here.

      Downloading the package
      1. Click the file link to download the file from the Web page.
      2. When prompted, select a drive and directory in which to save the downloaded file.

      Installing the package
      1. Create a bootable DVD from the ISO file, EasyStartup.iso.
      2. Reboot or power on your server.
      3. Insert the EasyStartup DVD into your DVD-ROM drive.
      4. Follow the steps to use EasyStartup. Refer to the User Guide and On-line Help for more usage instructions.

      • Problem: If the user selects the option to "Install the operating system using a preexisting response file", all the data on other partitions will be deleted.
        Workaround: The user must select "Continue to the main interface" in order to save their data on the other partitions.
      • Problem: A user cannot set the workgroup entry in Windows 2003 Server SBS, it is a Microsoft limitation.
        Workaround: The user must configure the domain controller while trying to install Windows Server 2003 SBS.
      • Problem: When using the side digital keyboard to type in the text fields, the focus will not automatically move to the next textbox.
        Workaround: The user should use the regular keys to type and the focus will automatically move to the next textbox.
      • Problem: If the user enters the (%) character in the IP Address field, the user will be allowed to input it in the text field.
        Workaround: Even though the user can input an invalid character such as (%), when the user selects Next it will warn the user that they have entered an invalid character and cannot proceed with the configuration.
      • Problem: Once the user selects a storage controller to be used, the user cannot go back and select another controller.
        Workaround: The user must reboot the system in order to back and select another storage controller. This is due to the device drivers that are already loaded for the first controller that the user selected, in order to uninstall those, the system must be rebooted and the new controller must be made the bootable controller.
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      ThinkServer EasyStartup - Hints and Tips
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      EasyStartup Hints and Tips


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