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      Unable to reset Windows 8 from USB recovery drive on idea laptops with Windows 8 and Lenovo OneKey Recovery 8.1 bundled


      For Idea laptops preloaded with Windows 8, users can create a USB recovery drive. However, when performing system reset with the USB drive after replacing HDD or deleting original partitions, the system can not make a complete recovery and an error message pops up "Unable to reset your PC. A required drive partition is missing.

      Affected Configurations

      All Idea laptops preloaded with Windows 8 and Onekey Recovery 8.0 (OKR version is older than, e.g.


      For Lenovo OneKey Recovery, if the version is older than, it will not support recovery from USB recovery drive after you replace HDD with a new one or delete original HDD partitions. Under this situation, if you want to recovery system and install operation system to HDD, you can use Lenovo RDVD. For the information about RDVD, please contact Lenovo local service provider (Click here to find the contact information).

      Q: How to check the OKR version installed on my PC?
      A: Click the “i” button on top right corner of OKR window, you will see the OKR version, as below Fig.1 shown.



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