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      ThinkServer Diagnostics Tool (Bootable ISO) - ThinkServer Systems

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      Lenovo ThinkServer Diagnostic Tool - Bootable ISO
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      This package contains Lenovo ThinkServer Diagnostic Tool Bootable ISO image. Use this ISO image to create a CDROM boot media and then boot the system to test system hardware.

      Supported Systems
      • All ThinkServer TS130, TS140, TS430, TS440, TD340 systems.
      • All ThinkServer RD330, RD340, RD430, RD440 systems.
      • All ThinkServer RD530, RD540, RD630, RD640 systems.
      • All ThinkServer RS140 systems.
      Supported Operating Systems
      • Not applicable
      Installation instructions
      • Download the file "upslenovo_38.exe".
      • Extract it to your computer.
      • Create the USB boot media following the steps.
      • Once the boot media has been successfully created, insert the media into appropriate CD drive and boot the system.
      • In some cases, you will need to temporarily change to boot sequence to accommodate the boot media.

      Click Offline Diagnostic Tool 2012 For Lenovo ThinkServer Systems - User's Guide for reference.

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