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      Power on and Charging Failure Issue - IdeaTab A1000 Tablet


      IdeaTab A1000 Tablet cannot be powered on and charged with AC adapter or PC USB port when the system is under low power status.


      Affected configurations

      The above symptom may occur to the following systems:

      • IdeaTab A1000 Tablet 



      1. Download the Fix tool to your PC. This tool is to resolve the charging failure issue when the system is in low power status. 

      2. Double click the Fix tool, it will auto install and show the loading logo. After the tool is completely installed, connect your tablet to the PC shown as the figure below.

      Power On Charging Issue Figure 1 

      3. It will install a patch automatically. When the message "A1000 tablet has been done, Please connect charger" pops up, it is installed and updated successfully.

      Power On Charging Issue Figure 2  


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