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      Lenovo Rescue System 3.0 Functional Description

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      How to use Lenovo Rescue System 3.0


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      Lenovo Rescue System 3.0


      Lenovo Rescue System 3.0 includes two parts

      Part A: Function of F2 Key

      Part B: Lenovo Rescue System (Windows software)

      This software can provide many useful functions besides backup and restoring system.

      Part A: Lenovo Rescue System (Functions of F2 Key)

      After starting your computer, you can press F2 to log in Lenovo Rescue System, which includes "OneKey Recovery", "Driver and Application Installation" and "System setup".


      OneKey Recovery

      1. As illustrated above (Fig. 1), Click "OneKey Recovery".

      2. Users can choose the following task, which is illustrated as the following: (Fig.2)


      a. Restore from initial backup, you should click this option to restore C Drive into factory-default setting.

      b. Restore from user's backup, you should click this option to choose an established system back-up, and C Drive should be restored to the status of this system back-up.


      1. User's Backup should carry out Lenovo Rescue System (Windows software) in order to set up system back-up.

      2. When you restore C Drive in your system, data which is set up after the restore point chosen in the above step 2 and not backup will be deleted.

      Driver and Application Installation

      1. As the above picture (Fig.1) shows, you should click "Driver and Application Installation" to update program and the pre-install software.

      2. As shown in the following picture (Fig. 3), you should click "OK", and the system will get access to Windows in order to finish the installation of the driver and the preloaded software.


      3. Driver and software are being reinstalled.



      System Setup

      1. As shown in the above picture, you should click "System Setup" in order to set network connections and Admin password.

      2. You should click "Network Settings" to set up network connections.


      a. If you click "ADSL connection", press "Next" and then input "user's account number" "password" and "appointed DNS server address" which is used when you dial to log in your wideband in the windows.



      b. If you choose to use "LAN connection" to connect, you should consult to Fig. 7. Please click the option, then press "Next" and then input needed information in LAN connection.


      Password Management

      If you need to set Admin Password, you should press "Password Management" just as above Fig. 6 shows.



      Confirm that password should be input in the above windows. Once the password is set, it cannot be deleted.

      Part B: Lenovo Rescue System (Windows Software)

      As a preloaded application, User's Backup can be set up, system can be restored and restored disk can be set up.

      Execution program: Click "Start"-> "All programs"->"Lenovo"->Lenovo Rescue System

      System Backup

      1. Click "System Backup" and set up User's Backup as shown in the following picture (Fig.11)


      2. When you see the following picture (Fig. 12), you should choose the location for backup.


      System Recovery

      1. As shown in the above picture (Fig. 11), you should click "System Recovery", then the computer will be restored to Initial Backup or User's Backup.

      2. As shown in the following picture (Fig. 13), click "Yes" to restore the system, the system will restart automatically and get access into Lenovo Rescue System (part function of F2 key).


      3. The following step is the same as the above step of OneKey Recovery.

      Create Recovery Disc

      1. Click "Create Recovery Disc" to set up a set of recovery discs on demand.


      2. You should set up a set of recovery discs based on current system, the first of which is bootable.


      3. Choose CD-ROM driver to burn.



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