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      Memory removal and installation - 3000 V100, V200

      Increasing memory capacity is an effective way to make programs run faster. You can increase the amount of memory in your computer by installing PC2-5300 double data rate 2 (DDR2-667) synchronous dynamic random access memory (DRAM) non-parity small outline dual inline memory module (SO-DIMM), available as an option, in the memory slot on the bottom of the computer. SO-DIMMs with different capacities are available.

      • Use only PC2-5300 DDR2-667MHz SDRAM SO-DIMM memory in your computer.
      • If you install a SO-DIMM that is not supported by your computer, the computer beeps, and the system does not start.
      • You can purchase the appropriate memory option from your reseller or marketing representative.

      To install a SO-DIMM, do the following:

      Attention: Before you start installing a module, touch a metal table or a grounded metal object. This action reduces any static electricity from your body. The static electricity could damage the SO-DIMM. Be careful to avoid the metallic projections in the SO-DIMM socket area.

      1. Turn off the computer; then disconnect the ac adapter and all cables from the computer.
      2. Close the computer display, and turn it over.
      3. Remove the battery.
      4. Loosen the two screws (1) on the cover of the memory slot, and remove the cover (2).
        Removing memory cover
        If the SO-DIMM is already in the memory slot, remove it to make room for the new one by pressing out on the latches on both edges of the socket at the same time. Be sure to save it for future use.
        Removing memory dimm
      5. Find the notch on the side of the SO-DIMM you are installing.

        Attention: To avoid damaging the SO-DIMM, do not touch its contact edge.

      6. With the notched end of the SO-DIMM toward the contact edge side of the socket, insert the SO-DIMM, at an angle of about 20 degrees (1); then press it firmly (2).
        Installing memory dimm

      7. Pivot the SO-DIMM downward until it snaps into place.
      8. Make sure that the SO-DIMM is firmly fixed in the slot and cannot be moved easily.
      9. Replace the cover of the memory slot by aligning the front side of the cover first (1) and closing the cover (2). Then tighten the screws (2).
        Replacing memory cover
        Note: When you have added or upgraded a SO-DIMM, do not use your computer until you have closed the memory slot cover. Never use the computer with the cover open.
      10. Reinstall the battery.
      11. Turn the computer over again, and reconnect the cables.

      To make sure that the SO-DIMM is installed correctly and recognized, do as follows:

      1. Turn the computer on.
      2. While the initial screen is displayed, press F1. The BIOS Utility screen opens. The "Memory" item shows the amount of memory you can utilize.

        For example, if your computer has 256MB of memory and you install a 256MB SO-DIMM in it, the quantity shown in "Installed memory" should be 512MB.
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