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      Improved screen orientation on ThinkPad Twist


      Instructions to fix unwanted screen rotations on ThinkPad Twist (S230u).


      Affected Configuration

      The above symptom is associated with, but not limited to, the following systems:

      • ThinkPad Twist S230u (MT 3347)

      Applies to:

      • Microsoft Windows 8



      Follow the instructions below to improve screen orientation in Microsoft Windows 8 on the ThinkPad Twist. For current users of the Twist, there is a new set of software updates that will enable better screen orientation and control operation. For new users to Twist, this same set of updates will insure consistent transitions to each of the four operating modes: Clamshell, Stand, Tablet, and Tent.


      1. Run ThinkVantage System Update to download driver updates. From the Start screen, type update. This will display the System Update App icon which will be located in the upper left corner of the display. Touch or click this icon to begin the update process.


      2. Detailed update instructions are listed below:

      fw.gif Update Instructions


      3. Instructions to enable the various modes on the ThinkPad Twist are listed below. Follow the instructions to set up and use the four different modes on the ThinkPad Twist. The Screen Rotation Lock button is located above the Power button on the right side of the LCD screen. The functionality of this button has been changed slightly to enhance the screen rotation experience.


      Clamshell Mode
      SF12-T0074a For Clamshell or Standard laptop mode:
      - Clamshell mode is the default mode for the ThinkPad Twist.
      - Press Screen Rotation Lock button to flip the screen in this mode.


      Stand Mode
      SF12-T0074b - Start in Clamshell mode.
      SF12-T0074c - Twist the screen to maneuver into Stand mode.
      SF12-T0074d - This is Stand mode.
      - Press the Screen Rotation Lock button to flip screen, if desired, in this mode.


      Tablet Mode
      SF12-T0074e - Start in Stand mode and simply fold the screen flat to enable the Tablet mode.
      - Press the Screen Rotation Lock button to disable auto rotation if desired. This will disable the auto-rotate function in this mode.


      Tent Mode
      SF12-T0074g - Start in the Tablet mode.
      SF12-T0074j - Place into tent mode orientation and press Screen Rotation Lock button to Flip screen.


      General Usage Tip
      SF12-T0074k - The Screen Rotation Lock button can be used to lock auto-rotation avoiding unwanted rotation in Tablet mode.

      The user may sometimes see an apparent freeze in the screen rotation while in Tablet mode. This is not a defect in your hardware but a HDD protective system called Active Protection System (APS). The apparent freeze will clear automatically after a few seconds.




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