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      Unable to change the desktop background in Windows 7


      It is unable to change the desktop background in Windows 7/Windows Vista suddenly. In most cases, this issue is aroused by virus. It is suggested to scan and kill virus in safe mode first. If the problem still exists, try the steps below.

      Affected Brands

      • All

      Operating Systems

      • Windows 7


      Method 1:

      1. Enter “Ease of Access” in the search bar, click “Ease of Access Centre” and press “Enter”.

      2. Scroll down to find “Explore all settings” and click “Make the computer easier to see”.

      3. Scroll down to find “Make things on the screen easier to see” at the bottom of the window and see whether “Remove background images (where available)” is checked. If yes, uncheck it.

      4. Check if the wallpaper can be changed. If not, please refer to method two.

      Method 2:

      1. Prohibit desktop wall paper changes in “Local Group Policy Editor”.

      2. If your system version doesn’t support “Local Group Policy Editor”, please try modifying wallpaper value in the registry: Press “Win+R” to pop up “Run” dialogue box, type “regedit.exe” and press “Enter” to open “Registry Editor”. (If User Account Control” pops up, please click “Yes” to continue)

      3. Find out following items step by step: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Policies. Find “ActiveDesktop” in sub-folder of Policies’. (If not available, please right-click “Policies”, select “New” --> “Key”. Rename it as “ActiveDesktop”)

      4. Click “ActiveDesktop”, right-click on the blank space of the right panel, point to “New” and select “DWORD value”. Rename it as “NoChangingWallPaper”.

      5. Edit value for “NoChangingWallPaper”. “1": prohibit changes. “0”: allow changes. Set it as “0”.

      6. Click “OK” and exit “Registry Editor”. Restart.


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