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      M58's has an "Intel(R) AMT" menu in BIOS Setup Utility.

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      M58 (non-vPro) models, has an "Intel(R) AMT" menu in the BIOS Setup Utility. Both M58p (vPro) and M58 (non-vPro) have an AMT menu in the BIOS Setup, which is different from the M57p and M57.

      Affected configurations

      The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

      • ThinkCentre M58 (type 6139, 6175, 6239, 6258, 6302, 6303, 7174, 7244, 7348, 7354, 7355, 7360, 7373, 7626, 7627, 7628, 7637, 7638, 7639, 7187, 7359, 8820, 8910, 9960)
      • ThinkCentre M58p (type 6136, 6137, 6138, 6209, 6234, 7188, 7220, 7346, 7347, 7356, 7357, 7358, 7484, 7629, 7635, 8338, 9964, 9965, 7345, 7479, 7483, 7630, 9961)

      Additional Information:

      Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware will provide different functions automatically according to the CPU on the system:

      - M58p (vPro model), which use vPro CPU, ME will provide AMT 5.0 function.

      - M58 (non-vPro model), which use non-vPro CPU, ME will provide Intel Standard Manageability.

      The function of Intel Standard Manageability is similar with AMT 3.2, which needs an AMT menu in BIOS to configure.

      Intel(R) AMT menu shows as below:


      The function of the settings:

      Items Description Default
      Intel (R) AMT To Enable/Disable Intel AMT. If AMT disabled: 1.hide the CTRL-P prompt so there would not be any method to provision iAMT 2.would not look for setup.bin on a USB key so the MEBX will not be provisioned 3.BIOS issue an unprovision. At next boot, an unprovision prompt will be shown after POST. 4.Disable SOL/IDER Enable
      MEBx Reset To reset AMT configuration to factory settings without entering MEBx Disable
      Press CTRL-P to enter MEBx User can or can not enter MEBx by pressing CTRL-P Enable
      Intel (R) AMT SKU Intel ME FW SKU AMT+ QST+ ASF2 ( Show only)
      ME Firmware Version Intel ME FW version
      COM Port Address If SOL enabled, the SOL Configuration will be shown. SOL: Serial Over LAN, a feature of AMT. SOL
      Console Type Console Type of SOL COM port VT100+
      Continue C.R. after POST Enable Console Redirection after OS has loaded On


      None. Do not replaced any hardware for this issue.

      This is working as designed and expected behavior.


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