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      Lenovo Portable USB DVD Burner 5 Cannot Burn Multispeed CD-RW Discs - ThinkPad, ThinkCentre


      The Lenovo Portable USB DVD Burner 5 cannot format MultiSpeed (4x) CD-RW discs with Windows Live File System or third-party drag-and-drop software applications such as Roxio's Drag-to-Disc.


      Affected configurations

      Any Lenovo systems running Windows 7, Vista, XP Pro or XP Home with the following Option maybe affected by this symptom:

      • Lenovo Portable USB DVD Burner 5
        Option Part Number



      This flash utility will automatically reboot the system when complete. We recommend you close all applications and save your data prior to upgrading the firmware. Do not power- down or restart your system while the firmware upgrade is in progress.

      Download the 2l32win.exe file below. Go to the folder where you saved it, and click on the 2l32win icon. The firmware update proceeds automatically. When it is complete, your will computer will automatically reboot. The firmware update will take effect after your computer reboots.

      fw.gif 2l32win.exe
      fw.gif 2l32_readme_win.txt



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