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The system reports NTLDR is missing after performing a bare metal restore from a second hard disk drive


Use a third-party tool (for example: Partition Quest Magic) to create a new primary partition between the system drive and the service partition, copy files into the newly created partition, and then make a backup to a second hard disk drive. Then, boot kill the system and do a bare metal restore from the backup. When the restore finishes, press F11 or the blue ThinkVantage button to boot into PDA, and an error will be reported as "NTLDR missing."

Affected configurations

Systems with Rescue and Recovery V3.1+ installed.

This only happens after the user creates a partition between the system drive and the service partition. When the user runs a bare metal restore from the second hard disk drive, the bmgr32.exe file will fail to locate the service partition and make it unbootable.


In order to fix this, please reinstall or upgrade the Rescue and Recovery program.

CMVC Defect Number # 425046


  • Alias ID: MIGR-69928
  • Document ID: HT000983
  • Last Updated :17 Jun 2014
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