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      Troubleshooting general issues - Desktops

      Before performing any troubleshooting, please review and observe the personal safety and electrostatic discharge (ESD) precautions in the following document:
      Safety information to be familiar with before servicing a NetVista or ThinkCentre computer

      General information
      • Always use the correct type and model number when trying to find information or device drivers. This is in the form of nnnn-xxx (i.e. 8417-51U) where nnnn is numbers only and xxx is either numbers or letters. Do not use the family identification which may be found on the front of the system such as A50, 300GL, or Aptiva. If the type and model number is not found at the completion of the search, expand the scope of the search by entering the type number only (i.e. 8417).

        Automatically detect your systems machine type/model and other details
        This button will detect the type and model number, BIOS identification, operating system, and how much memory is installed.

        This button will only work with Microsoft Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, and XP. It does not work on other manufacturers computer systems. If you use Microsoft Windows XP, you may need to reboot the first time you use this feature.

        Detect my type/model number and other system details

        Note: It may take several seconds to gather the system details. No information will be collected by Lenovo.

        For additional help finding the machine type and model number, go to Finding my machine type/model and serial number or the part number for my accessory.
      • Use Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 4 or higher when browsing the site. For security reasons, the latest version available is recommended. Other browsers will not work correctly with the various enhanced features of this site.
      • When installing a different operating system, be aware the computer may not be supported either completely, in part, or at all by the operating system.
      • Before attempting to install an operating system upgrade or service pack, care should be taken to ensure that if the installation fails, the system can be recovered without data loss.
      • When looking for device drivers be aware of the following:
        • Drivers for many devices may already be included in the operating system and not by the device or computer manufacturer.
        • Older systems and devices may not work with newer (Windows XP) or different (Linux) operating systems. Check the compatibility list for the operating system.
        • The description of the device during device driver installation or in Device Manager after installation may not exactly match the device itself.
        • Some devices licensed by Lenovo for sale by independent manufacturers (such as some keyboards and web cameras) are supported only by that manufacturer. Refer to the users guide for those devices for help.
      • Lenovo does not provide technical support, such as that for processor or system board upgrading, for the systems it manufactures. Lenovo systems are usually not upgradeable beyond the range of standard and optional equipment offered for that system at the time the system was in production. Advances in technology and cost versus benefit considerations typically make upgrading cost prohibitive.
      • If these steps have not solved your problem refer to "Need more help?"
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