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      HLDS DH41N cannot play the movie burned to the CPRM DVD - ThinkCentre, ThinkStation



      The user utilizes a DVD-writer to burn the normal format movie to CPRM-enabled DVD-RW media.  Then, the user attempts to play on a HLDS DH41N DVD-ROM.  The user will notice that the drive will not play.

      Affected configurations

      The above symptom is associated to any model with the necessary HLDS DVD-ROM optical drive (model DH41N)

      • ThinkCentre
      • ThinkStation

      System is configured with:

      • HLDS DVD-ROM model DH41N (FRU 71Y5543, PN 0B55860)

      Operating Systems
      • All Operating Systems

      The user should update the ODD to the new HLDS firmware, version 1.02.

      To apply the ODD firmware update, extract the attached .zip file to a directory on your system and run the extracted “DH41N_102.EXE” file to update the firmware on your optical drive.  Reboot the system when complete.

      This firmware update has a switch that allows silent and unattended update.

      To silently install this firmware, use the “/silent” switch.

      To write a return code to a file, specify “/output=c:\temp\output.txt” to write the return code information to the “output.txt” file.

      The return code information is as below:


      The utility must provide a “return value” which can be read by the DOS “IF ERROR LEVEL” command. If the update is successful, return “0” (zero).
      If the update fails, return “1” (one).
      If the drive's supplier name does not match the target, stop the update process and return “2” (two).
      If the drive's model does not match the target, stop update process and return “3” (three).
      If the drive's firmware is already at the target level, stop update process, return “4” (four).

      For example, to install this firmware update silently and with a file written to query the return code, specify “/silent /output=c:\temp\output.txt” in the command line.

      Please click here to download DH41N_1.02 file.


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