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      How to designate a preferred graphics processor for a program in the notebooks with Optimus Technology


      To the machines with Optimus Technology and under Windows 7, when they run some programs (such as games or HD videos), the programs will lag or halt. Through analysis, it was found that the graphics battery mode was D3 when the machine run this kind of games, which means discrete graphics was not used to process the program data. So, how to customize a graphics processor for a program?


      The above symptom may occur on the systems:

      IdeaPad Y460N/ B560A/ V560A/ Z360Awith Optimus Switchable Graphics




      1. Right-click on the blank space of Windows 7 desktop, and then click "NVIDIA Control Panel" as Fig.1 shows.


      2. Click "Manage 3D settings" under "3D Settings" on the left in the "NVIDIA Control Panel" window. See Fig.2:


      3. Click "Program Settings" tag, select the program you want to customize under "Select a program to customize"( this article take "Microsoft Internet Explorer" as an example) and then select "High performance NVIDIA processor" under "Select the preferred graphics for this program". Click "Apply" button and custom settings of this program is finished. See Fig.3:


      4. Designating a graphics processor for other programs can refer to the above steps. If there is no program that you want in the "Select the preferred graphics for the program", you could click "Add" button and select the designated location program(support desktop shortcut addition).


      1. Under some conditions, if even "High Performance NVIDIA Processor" is designated manually as the preferred graphics processor, the graphics will not switch to "High Performance NVIDIA Processor" if Optimus Intelligent Switching Technology detects that Integrated Graphics can fit the running program.

      2. If a program can run smoothly, it is not suggested to designate other preferred graphics processor for it manually. It is recommended to designate a preferred graphics processor only upon program lag or halt.

      3. Due to compatibility problem between driver program and program version, the machine cannot switch to "High Performance NVIDIA" mode under some conditions. Therefore, when abnormal problem occurs, it is suggested to upgrade graphics driver and regularly use Optimus Automatic Update to resolve compatibility problem of NVIDIA GPU. In addition, it needs to update game patches timely.

      Optimus Technology Introduction

      This technology support automatic switch between NVIDIA® Graphics and Intel Integrated Graphics. The switch process is seamless and run in background. It is designed to provide the outstanding graphics performance and meanwhile extend battery life. It can provide you with the best notebook experience whether you're watching HD movies, surfing the web, or playing top 3D games.


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