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CD/DVD drive removal movie - ThinkPad R50e

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CD/DVD installation movie

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To remove the Ultrabay device in the R50e:

It is first necessary to remove the keyboard to gain access to the Ultrabay.

  1. Remove the battery pack:
    1. Turn the computer off, or enter hibernation mode.
    2. Disconnect the AC adapter and all cables from the computer.
    3. Close the computer display and turn the computer over.
    4. Slide the battery latch to the unlocked position. While holding the spring-loaded latch in the unlocked position, slide out the battery pack.
  2. Remove the keyboard:
    1. Remove the four screws from the bottom of the machine.
      The screws are identified with this icon.
    2. Turn the ThinkPad over and open the cover.
    3. Press between the F8 and F9 keys toward the back of the ThinkPad. The front of the keyboard pops up.
    4. Lift up the keyboard, raise the flap over the cable connector, disconnect the cable, and then remove the keyboard.
      Here's a closer look at the keyboard cable removal.
  3. Remove the Ultrabay device:
    1. While holding the Ultrabay eject latch, use a probe or screwdriver to disconnect the device, and push it far enough out to allow you to pull it from the Ultrabay.

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