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Wireless USB adapter installation movie - ThinkPad W700

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To install the wireless USB adapter:

  1. At the time of filming, the wireless USB card was not available, but these are the instructions for its replacement
  2. Put the card into position, using the screw holes as a guide, and replace the two mini PCI card retaining screws
  3. Replace the cables
  4. Put the RTC battery into place and connect the connector
  5. The keyboard is replaced by connecting the cable to the systemboard and laying it into position
  6. Replace the palm rest by putting it into position and replacing the two cables
  7. Turn the system over and replace the five retaining screws
  8. Slide a drive into position until it seats
  9. Note that Drive 0 must be occupied
  10. Replace the drive cover and secure it with the single screw
  11. Lay the battery into position and snap it into place
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