Lenovo Active Protection System for Windows 8 (32-bit) - Laptop

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Lenovo Active Protection System
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Windows 8 (32-bit)
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Windows 8 (32-bit)

This package installs the software support for Lenovo Active Protection System.

Supported Systems
  • Lenovo(R) B430
  • Lenovo(R) V480, V480c, V480s, V490u, V580, V580c,
  • ThinkPad Edge E120, E125, E130, E135
  • ThinkPad Edge E220s
  • ThinkPad Edge E320, E325
  • ThinkPad Edge E330, E335
  • ThinkPad Edge E420, E420s, E425, E430, E430c, E431, E435, E445
  • ThinkPad Edge E520, E525, E530, E530c, E531, E535, E545
  • ThinkPad L330
  • ThinkPad L420, L421, L430, L520, L530
  • ThinkPad Twist S230u
  • ThinkPad S430, S431, S531
  • ThinkPad T430, T430i, T430s, T430si, T430u, T431s
  • ThinkPad T440s, T440, T440p, T530, T530i, T540p
  • ThinkPad W530, W540, W541, W541
  • ThinkPad X1, X1 Hybrid
  • ThinkPad X100e, X120e, X121e, X130e, X131e, X140e
  • ThinkPad X230, X230i, X230 Tablet, X230i Tablet, X230s, X240, X240s
  • Zhaoyang K29, K49
  • Zhaoyang K4350
Supported Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows 8 32-bit
Summary of Changes


  • < > Package version number
  • [Important] Important update
  • (New) New function or enhancement
  • (Fix) Correction to existing function


  • (New) Added support for Windows 10 32-bit.

Additional Information

Please refer to the README file for the following:

  • Installation Instructions
  • Determining Which Version is Installed
  • Complete list of summary of changes
  • Known limitations (if any)

  • Alias ID: MIGR-53150, MIGR-53150-KR
  • Document ID:DS015000
  • Last Updated :17 Aug 2015
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