CD-RW RecordNow application update for Windows 2000 and Windows XP - ThinkPad General

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RecordNow! - update only
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Windows XP (32-bit)
7.32.1 build 08e
RecordNow! - update only
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Windows XP (32-bit)
7.32.1 build 08e
This CD-RW application software download is applicable only for Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP customers who have purchased the ThinkAccessory Options, or ThinkPad systems with the options.

Click here for a complete list of supported devices.

- Early OBI optical drives may have shipped with CD-RW software which did not support Windows XP. This update provides that support.
- This software is provided on a "use as is" basis.
Additional information

Click here for the DLA software package update.

Supported devices
This software is only supported on systems with the following devices:

Part NumberDescriptions
00N8252ThinkPad 4X CD-RW Ultrabay 2000 drive
08K9569ThinkPad 8X CD-RW Ultrabay 2000 drive
22P9101ThinkPad Enhanced 8X CD-RW Ultrabay 2000 drive
08K9572ThinkPad CD-RW/DVD Combo I Ultrabay 2000 drive
08K9701ThinkPad CD-RW/DVD Combo II Ultrabay 2000 drive
22P6980ThinkPad CD-RW/DVD Combo III Ultrabay 2000 drive
22P6991ThinkPad CD-RW/DVD Combo IV Ultrabay 2000 drive
22P7015ThinkPad Multi-Burner Ultrabay 2000 Drive
22P9163USB 2.0 Portable Multi-Burner Drive
73P3288ThinkPad CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo II Ultrabay Slim Drive
73P3289ThinkPad CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo II Ultrabay Slim Drive for T Series CTO systems
73P3310ThinkPad CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo II Ultrabay Slim Drive for X Series CTO systems
73P3294ThinkPad Multi-Burner Ultrabay Slim Drive
73P3295ThinkPad Multi-Burner Ultrabay Slim Drive

Installation instructions
  1. Click Start, select Find or Search, then click Files or Folders.
  2. Type rn7321uu.exe in the search field, then click Find Now. This will locate the file you just downloaded.
  3. Double-click rn7321u.exe.
  4. Click Next. Read the license agreement.
  5. Click I accept the terms in the license agreement.
  6. Click Next. Follow all onscreen prompts and reboot your system when done.


  • This update will only install if a previous version of RecordNow is present.
  • This version of RecordNow supports Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.
  • This update provides support for some additional drives.
  • This update provides recording support for DVD-R Dl media

  • Alias ID: MIGR-43887, MIGR-43887-KR
  • Document ID:DS013792
  • Last Updated :23 Jun 2014
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