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Bottom view - ThinkPad T440

ThinkPad T440 bottom view

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Figure 1. ThinkPad T440 bottom view

Index Item Description
1 External battery pack

Use the computer with the battery power whenever ac power is unavailable.

You can use the Power Manager program to adjust your power settings as needed. For detailed information, see the help information system of the Power Manager program.

2 Docking station connector Depending on the model, the computer might have a docking station connector. You can use the connector to connect the computer to a supported docking station to extend the computer capabilities when you are at the office or at home.
3 Speakers Your computer is equipped with a pair of stereo speakers.
4 Keyboard drainage holes The keyboard drainage holes can help drain out liquid from your computer if you accidentally spill water or drink over the keyboard.
5 Emergency reset hole If the computer stops responding and you cannot turn it off by pressing the power button, remove the ac power adapter and insert a straightened paper clip into the emergency reset hole to reset the computer.

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