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System service parts and Recovery DVD part numbers - ThinkCentre M93 , M93p (Tiny Form Factor)

Other service part
Recovery DVD (RDVD) part numbers
To find your RDVD in the PDF file, perform the following:
  1. Press Ctrl + F , type 'Recovery Media' and hit the 'Enter' key.
  2. Scroll to the table row with 'Recovery Media' text.


Note: If your specific model is not listed, please enter the product number on the Support & downloads page and refer to the product description. Look for the "Based on" model.


  • Each Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) applies to All types and models, unless specific types or model numbers are listed with the FRU.
  • Self-service CRUs: These CRUs unplug or are secured by no more than two screws. Examples of these types of CRUs include the keyboard, the mouse, any USB device, and the power cord. Other Self-service CRUs depending on product design might include memory modules, adapter cards, hard disk drives, and optical drives.
  • Optional-service CRUs: These CRUs are isolated parts within the computer and are concealed by an access panel that is typically secured by more than two screws. Once the access panel is removed, the specific CRU is visible.
  •  The list of FRUs below is a partial list. For a complete listing of FRU information, please download the pdf file from the link below the table.
  • If you are looking for Recovery DVD part numbers, please download and refer to the pdf file from the link below the table.

The following table lists the major FRUs shown in the above picture and identifies which FRUs also are self-service CRUs or optional-service CRUs.


For System Service Parts and Recovery DVD part number, please click on the file below.

ProductFile SizeRelease DateDownload Now

ThinkCentre M93 (type 10A4, 10A5) M93p (type 10AA, 10AB)
(Tiny Form Factor)
64 KB 11 June 2014

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