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Completing parts replacement - 3000 J100 (type 8252, 8253, 8254, 8453, 8454, 8455) / J105 (type 8257, 8258, 8259, 8458, 8459, 8460) / ThinkCentre E50 (type 8290, 8291, 8292, 9214, 9215, 9216) / E51 (type 8463, 8464, 8465)

After working with parts, you need to replace the computer cover and reconnect any cables, including telephone lines and power cords. Also, depending on the part that was replaced, you might need to confirm the updated information in the Setup Utility program.

  1. Ensure that all components have been reassembled correctly and that no tools or loose screws are left inside your computer.
  2. Reposition any cables that might impede the replacement of the cover.
  3. Close the computer cover.
  4. Install any locking devices such as a padlock as necessary.
  5. Reconnect the external cables and power cords to the computer. See "Locating the connectors on the rear of your computer".
  6. To update the configuration, see "Starting the CMOS Setup Utility" in the Quick Reference that was included with your computer.

Note: In most areas of the world, Lenovo requires the return of the defective CRU. Information about this will come with the CRU or will come a few days after the CRU arrives.

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