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Modem daughter card (MDC-3.0) removal and installation - ThinkPad R400, T400

For access, remove these FRUs in order:

  1. Battery.
  2. Palm rest or palm rest with fingerprint reader.
  3. Keyboard.

Some models do not have the modem daughter card because the modem function is on the system board.

Step 1 - 2

Step Screw (quantity) Color Torque
1 M2 × 3 mm, small-head, nylon-coated (2) Black 0.167 Nm(1.7 kgfcm)

In step (2), remove the card by pulling the tab with your fingers in the direction shown by the arrow.

Turn the card over (3), and detach the modem connector (4).

Step 3 - 4

When installing: Make sure that the modem connector and the connector on the underside of the card are attached firmly.

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