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Cover removal - ThinkCentre 8198, 8199

Attention: Read "Safety information to be familiar with before servicing your computer" before opening the cover.

These instructions are also available in movie format:

To remove the cover

  1. Shut down your operating system, remove any media (diskettes, CDs, or tapes) from the drives, and turn off all attached devices and the computer.
  2. Unplug all power cords from electrical outlets.
  3. Disconnect all cables attached to the computer. This includes power cords, input/output (I/O) cables, and any other cables that are connected to the computer.
  4. Press the cover-release button on the left side cover and remove the cover.

    Removing the cover for 8198 and 8199 systems.


Additional information

View text version to cover installation.

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