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Memory removal and installation - ThinkCentre A53 (type 8701, 8983, 9277, 8995, 9287, 9387, 9635) / A60 (type 8700, 8979, 8991, 9269, 9283, 9383, 9631)

Attention: Do not open your computer or attempt any repair before reading the "Important safety information". You can also find this information in the Quick Reference guide that was included with your computer or in the Hardware Maintenance Manual (HMM) for the computer.

To replace a memory module:

  1. Remove the computer cover. See “Cover removal ”.
    Note: For this procedure, it helps to lay the computer on its side.
  2. Locate the memory module connectors. See “Locating components”.
  3. Remove the memory module being replaced by opening the retaining clips as shown.

    memory removal

  4. Position the new memory module over the memory connector. Make sure the notch 1 on the memory aligns correctly with the connector key 2 on the system board. Push the memory module straight down into the connector until the retaining clips close.

    Replacing memory

  5. Go to “Completing the installation”.
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