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Heat sink assembly removal and installation - ThinkCentre A53 (type 8701, 8983, 9277, 8995, 9287, 9387, 9635) / A60 (type 8700, 8979, 8991, 9269, 9283, 9383, 9631)

To replace the heat sink assembly:

  1. Remove the computer cover. See “Cover removal".
  2. Lay the computer on its side.
  3. Locate the heat sink. See “Identifying parts on the system board”.
  4. Disconnect the heat sink and the fan assembly cable from the system board.
  5. Pivot the handle 1 to release the heat sink clamp and then disengage the clamp from the retention bracket.

    heat sink assembly exploded view

  6. Lift the failing heat sink and fan assembly off the system board.
  7. Use the thermal grease syringe to place five drops of grease on the top of the microprocessor. Each drop of grease shuld be 0.03ml ( 3 tick marks on the grease syringe).

    using thermal grease

  8. Install the heat sink and fan assembly on the heat sink retention bracket.
  9. Reconnect the disconnected cables to the system board.
  10. Go to “Completing the installation”.
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