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Adapter installation - ThinkCentre 8316

The 8316 computers have three expansion slots for PCI adapters and one slot used for an AGP adapter. Adapters must be low profile. Your computer supports adapters up to 168 mm (6.6 inches) long.

Note: The AGP port is disabled on some systems. If there is a plug in your AGP port, the port may not be used.

To install an adapter:

  1. Remove the cover. See Cover removal.
  2. Pivot one of the drive bay latch handles toward the front of the computer and then pivot the drive bay cage upward, as shown, until it is latched in the up position. Repeat this procedure for the remaining drive bay.
    Removimg the drive bay on the 8316 systems.

  3. Remove the support bar by pulling it outward from the computer.

    Removing the support bar.
  4. Remove the adapter-slot-cover latch and the slot cover for the appropriate expansion slot.
    Removing the adapter slot cover latch.

  5. Remove the adapter from its static-protective package.
  6. Install the adapter into the appropriate slot on the system board.
  7. Install the adapter-slot-cover latch.
    Installing the adapter slot cover latch.
  8. Clear any cables that might impede the replacement of the drive bays.
  9. Replace the support bar and pivot the two drive bays back to their original positions.

Note: To complete the installation, go to Cover installation and connecting the cables.

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