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Locating internal drives - ThinkCentre M81 (type 0268, 1730, 4166, 4169, 5030, 5048, 5069, 7517)

Internal drives are devices that your computer uses to read and store data. You can add drives to your computer to increase storage capacity and enable your computer to read other types of media. Internal drives are installed in bays. In this manual, the bays are referred to as bay 1, bay 2, and so on.

When installing or replacing an internal drive, it is important to note the type and size of the drive that you can install or replace in each bay and correctly connect the cables to the drive installed.

Figure 1. shows the locations of the drive bays.

Drive bay locations

Figure 1: Drive bay locations

1.Bay 1 - Optical drive bay (with an optical drive installed on some models)
2.Bay 2 - Optical drive bay
3.Bay 3 - Card reader drive bay
4.Bay 4 - Secondary SATA hard disk drive bay
5.Bay 5 - Primary SATA hard disk drive bay (with a 3.5-inch SATA hard disk drive installed)


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