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Miscellaneous service parts - ThinkPad T410, T410i

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14.1-inch WXGA LED-backlight (1280x800) LCD service parts
14.1-inch WXGA+ LED-backlight (1440x900) LCD service parts
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Keyboard service parts
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System service parts


Miscellaneous service parts

Note: Customer replaceable units (CRUs) can be installed by the customer. All other service part FRUs must be installed by qualified technicians only.


Description Service part number (FRU) CRU ID
Screw kit:
  • M2 × 3 mm (silver), small head (50)
  • M2 × 3.5 mm (black), wafer head (15)
  • M2 × 5 mm (black), wafer head (15)
  • M2 × 10 mm (black), wafer head (15)
  • M2 × 14 mm (black), wafer head (10)
  • M2.5 × 6 mm (black), flat head (20)
  • M3 × 2.8 mm (black), flat head HDD (8)
  • M3 × 3 mm (black), flat head (for HDD cover) (2)
  • Hex stud (4)
60Y5459 N
Seal kit 60Y5460 N
Screw kit:
  • Rubber foot (front)
  • Rubber foot (rear)
  • Lower shield
  • Insulation sheet, system board
  • Insulation sheet, sub card
  • Slide lock, eject
  • Bracket, puller eject
  • Pull lever, eject
  • Coil spring, slide lever
  • Knob, wireless switch
  • Lever, wireless switch
  • Lens, LED (RJ-45)
  • Dust filter 1
  • Dust filter 2
  • Dust filter 3
  • Bracket corner R
  • Bracket corner L
  • L case odd mylar
60Y5456 N
Keyboard bezel miscellaneous parts:
  • Magnet, suspend switch
  • Bracket, keyboard support
  • Bracket, speaker RH
  • Bracket, keyboard bezel
  • LCD latch R with knob
  • LCD latch L
  • Bar, latch link
  • Spring
  • Speaker mesh
  • Face sheet, touchpad
  • ThinkPad logo
  • Poron, long
  • Poron, short
  • CU foil, BT
  • Bracket, touchpad
  • Bracket, FPR
  • Bracket touchpad EMI gascket 10x3x2 black
  • Insulation sheet, touchpad
  • Insulation sheet FPR
60Y5457 N
System miscellaneous parts:
  • (a) Express dummy card
  • (b) EMI bracket
  • (c) RJ-11 cable assembly, integrated
  • (c) RJ-11 cable assembly, discretev
  • (d) SmartCard spacer
  • (e) Bracket, fan for video
  • (f) LCD connector bracket
  • Insulation sheet for CPU
  • Bracket assembly, CPU support
  • Dummy cover, eSATA
  • Dummy cover, RJ-11

Note: Italicized letters in parentheses are references to the exploded view in System service parts.

60Y5458 N
System board miscellaneous parts:
  • Insulation (front louver)
  • Insulation (top, hybrid)
  • Insulation (top, integrated)
  • Insulation (bottom)
  • Insulation (DIMM top)
  • Insulation (Bottom DIMM spring)
  • Stud, MiniPCI, bottom
  • Bracket, SIM card
  • Dummy card, SIM
  • Sheet, eject
  • Insulation sheet, SIM slot
  • Thermal rubber for PCH
60Y5455 N
LCD miscellaneous parts:
  • Shield, EMC
  • Clear plate, rear (with icon)
  • ThinkPad logo
  • (a) LCD latch, right
  • (b) LCD latch, left
  • Lens, LED rear
  • 2x9 T0.3 rubber
  • Bezel, LCD
  • Lens, LED
  • Bumper
  • Bracket, LCD support R
  • Bracket, LCD support L

Note: Italicized letters in parentheses are references to the exploded view in 14.1-inch WXGA LED-backlight (1280x800) LCD service parts or 14.1-inch WXGA+ LED-backlight (1440x900) LCD service parts.

60Y5461 N


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